Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Wonderland!

Waiting for the snow
4:00 p.m.
Richmond, VA

It was a busy day today. I had a tour at the museum -- 3rd grade, Ancient Greece and Rome, my favorite -- and then a TON of day-job work to do. Which I spent all afternoon and evening doing. Thankfully, my efforts were not wasted, I got a lot done.

My desk at the kitchen island. Hot tea in my Uffington horse mug, my trusty laptop, and a ton of paper.

FINALLY, it snowed. We've had some seriously crummy winters around here for the last couple of years, but tonight, it snowed! I'm actually hoping for a snow day tomorrow for the kids because we've had so few in the last few years. As of around 7pm, this is what we had on the deck....a dusting, and a beagle butt.

 My middle daughter apparently has an internal furnace. The kids could hardly contain themselves when it switched over from rain to snow, and, already in the requisite inside-out jammies, they put on coats and snow boots and headed out to eight o'clock at night.

Noah is all about throwing a snowball or two.

There's more on the ground now, but I have a feeling this crappy southern area we live in means there will be rain again shortly. I hope the temps drop and it all freezes, so we can have a snow day. I love snow, love love love it, and we never get enough. I'm ready for an unexpected day off.

Not that I actually get a day off.

*Edited to add: Our school district has called off school for tomorrow!! SNOW DAY!

I foresee a lot of wet-snow playing in the morning. Guess I'd better get the hot chocolate stuff ready. And the boots, gloves, and snow pants, if I can find some that fit these kids.

I love winter!

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