Friday, January 18, 2013

Like Christmas

The requisite "house in the snow" picture I take every time it snows here.
7:30 a.m., Friday, January 18, 2013

Not quite enough snow fell last night to make a real snowman, so I had to augment with PicMonkey. I take this picture every time it snows, mostly because I think our house is pretty in the snow, but also because it's interesting to look back over the ten years we have lived here and see how our house has changed from year to year. Different cars in the driveways, different landscaping, flags, decorations.

Our day started way too early. My son is an extremely early riser, and got me up the first time at 5:00am. And then he proceeded to get me up every ten minutes of so after that, until I finally gave up in a huff and hauled myself out of bed, wide awake and slightly irritated. I realize a snow day is like Christmas to them, but seriously, an opportunity to sleep past the 6am alarm was juuuust about within my grasp.

I know, I know. One day, I will look back and wish for today, when my son is fourteen and hasn't gotten out of bed at noon. And I want him to go out in the snow-covered yard and throw snowballs and go for a walk with me. 

Kira has still not gotten up, even though I know she is awake.

We HAD to go out as soon as it was light enough to see outside. The kids voluntarily dressed themselves (a minor miracle in itself), and went out to throw chunks of frozen snow at each other. And at me. Travis enjoyed the opportunity to wear his no-kidding authentic Russian fur hat (purchased in Russia, even). 

This is what passes for school-canceling snow here in the 804. Note that the roads aren't really even frozen. Oh, I am not complaining, mind you, because even though I was awake at 5am, I did not have to be functional, nor make lunches, nor implore anyone to get dressed, brush their hair or teeth, or find backpacks. Or argue about how much clothing really was necessary.

Shortly, I am going for a run. At least three miles, maybe more if the roads aren't too slippery. The sun's out now, so I don't expect the snow to last too long today.

But for a single snow day, on a Friday, before an already-scheduled three-day weekend, it's perfect.

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