Saturday, July 28, 2012

Point in Time

It's been a while since I had anything of substance to say here. Not that my life hasn't kept rolling along as the adventure it is, it definitely has. I just haven't felt inspired to write about it all in a long time. It's been the usual: busy with the end of the school year, and epic vacation/road trip for our entire family to Miami to visit my Dad, and then the round of the summer's pool visits, swimming lessons, trips to the library and the museum, and all that comes with staying home with two small kids.

It's been great fun, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish I could escape it sometimes.

Oh, I am absolutely grateful for the time I get to spend home with my kids, and grateful that Travis has a job now that allows me to do so easily. I've been home with my kids so long now (almost five years!), that I have a hard time seeing myself working full time again, going to an office or a clinic or whatever. I think about all the things I don't have to be hyper-organized about these days (meal planning, kid schedules, housekeeping stuff, pet care, etc), and I can't imagine how I would function if I had a 30 or 40 hour a week job thrown in there. I know one of these days I'll go back to work, but I can't imagine how or when or what kind of work I'll do when I make that decision. We don't really have a plan for that; I think it's something that will either become apparent, or will somehow, magically, 'be the right time'. It's not the right time, right now. And that's okay.

I've been writing, working on blog posts for Studio Mothers, and writing a little for A Hot Piece of Glass, and I've been sewing a little. I made a new tote bag/purse for myself, but I have yet to put the straps on it, so it sits in my sewing space, waiting. I joined Postcrossing and the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap to boost my creativity in areas other than jewelrymaking, and to expand my horizons a little. I think that's the root of things sometimes. I need something new to spark my energy and get me going again. I've certainly been exercising and physically moving a heck of a lot more than I have in the past couple of years -- regular running, some yoga and some resistance work for my flabby muscles. There's been no glassworking for at least a month or so, because it's just too damn hot, and I don't want to overwhelm the house air conditioner with the kiln and torch heat. Fall weather is highly anticipated around here, even though we have been enjoying the community pool daily. 

Overall, this summer has been, and continues to be, a pretty darn good one. We've been busy, but with a fairly relaxed pace, so it's not been hard to keep up. I certainly haven't felt pressure to get involved in anything other than what we had planned with the kids. Next year will probably be a different story, as I expect Noah to attend pre-kindergarten summer program, and I'll likely find a day camp for Wren to go to for at least a week. She'll probably swim on the pool's swim team, too (Go, Shenandoah Sharks!). Life rolls along, with both the feeling that it's all going to fast for me, and also moving at a glacial pace. It's almost August now. School will start soon, and we'll be whizzing through another year. 

At least we get to slow down in summer a little.