Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making stuff

Let's start this blog post with a gratuitous picture of Champ:

I love the PicMonkey photo editor. It makes my pictures look like I know what I am doing when I take them. Travis is taking a photography class this semester, so maybe between the two of us, our family snapshots will be significantly better.

In other news, poor Kira is suffering through the loss of her wonderful canine companion that her father owned. Bear was unfortunately hit by a car and killed last Saturday. She is struggling with this loss, and we are doing our best to help her process her grief. Sometimes it's hard to remember that we willingly choose to accept companion animals into our hearts and lives, knowing their own lives are much shorter than ours. I hope for her for an easy path through her pain.

Since Kira got me started with needle felting, I have been thinking about what else I can turn my hands to and make. The creative juices are flowing, but I am having a hard time getting projects moving. I did get started on a mixed-media box project that I have a cool box for and an unfinished idea about:

I've gotten to the gesso stage, but that's as far as I've gone at this point. Of course, since my sewing/craft/art/project space looks like this, it's tough to get moving and stay creatively engaged.

Way back in October, we honestly thought the farm of our dreams was within our grasp. So much so that I started to consider the state of our current house and getting it ready for the market. that meant tidying up all of the interior spaces. THAT meant the only solution I could see was to pack up most of my art and sewing supplies. They were stuffed into a too-small space to begin with -- the office of our house -- because the fourth bedroom became Noah's back in 2007.

We have so completely outgrown this house. Or at least, I have. I need a room of my own, and so does Travis.

Anyway, the result of all this upswing in creative activity is this scene on my nightstand.

I usually have a ton of books there, but yesterday the kids and I went to the library, and I came home with books on bookbinding, in addition to two more Rita Mae Brown foxhunt mysteries. I think I want to try some bookbinding, particularly Coptic stitched bindings, and investigate some other medieval and earlier period books. It's all so fascinating to me, and as usual, I want to try some of everything!

I did finally make the earring holder for my room. It was simple, since I already had the empty frame in my garage attic. Some screen material, a staple gun, and one of those 3M Command adhesive hooks ( I LOVE those things!), and there ya go. Good thing, too. I have a ton of earrings and no good way to keep track of them.

I have nothing good to keep my art jewelry necklaces in or on, so I opted for more Command hooks. I hate for the work I've made to languish in a drawer, where I can't see it to wear it. Usually, I'm wearing this necklace, though, a Christmas gift from my husband. I've always loved the horse triskele, and this design matches my tattoo AND my new mug!

One beautiful horse for each beautiful child in my family. Like a Celtic equestrian mother's necklace. 

Anyway, I think I am going to try to make some more progress on that box project I started. Not sure exactly where it is going yet, but hopefully I will know when I've gotten 'there'.

Happy Wednesday!

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