Friday, February 8, 2013

Rescue Me

It's been a busy, stressful week with lots of confusion and frustration (for me, mostly). Ugh. It just all sucks. But, nothing makes a day better than some time spent riding in the brilliant afternoon sunshine with one of my favorite people. Kira and I took a riding lesson this afternoon. I rode my beloved Champ, and she rode her favorite Belgian, Beau. I discovered yet another interesting tidbit about Champ -- he's actually a princess. He hates to go in the sloppy, puddly post-deluge ring and get his legs and belly all wet and dirty! That weenie! He didn't give me trouble, just acted all put out every time we had to ride through the wet (which was oh, constantly). He minced his way through every puddle, wet spot, and water-filled hoofprint, and found a way to go rightnexttothefence on higher ground so he didn't have to get his feet wet. Oh, good lord, horse, do you know we are going to be doing some eventing this year?

I felt crummy when we collected our riding stuff and got in the car, almost canceled out of our lesson just out of general gloominess, but we went on to the barn, and I was glad we did. It was like a weight lifted off me, and I felt so much better. My ride wasn't particularly fantastic, nor did I do anything great, in fact, I don't feel like I really rode that well at all, but I guess I needed some "horse time". After riding, then driving Kira to her dad's, then driving back home, and putting the little kids to bed while Travis worked, I am beat. But there was a big glass of Hardywood Park's Coffee Stout, and two copies of 'Dressage Today' waiting for me, and an episode of 'Arrow'. It was a pretty decent evening, but now I am going to pass right the heck out. Back to the barn in the morning for Wren's lesson.

***So, my trainer suggested I try the Calais Horse Trials this year as my first back-in-the-saddle event. Introductory level, where the dressage test is so boring, it's brain-numbing (and doesn't get up to a canter), but the fences are a low two feet, even for cross country.

I haven't decided if I'm up for it yet, but if I do go for it, I will need a show coat and white breeches, and a safety vest. Oh, and a medical armband.

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