Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Party

Last night, I got all dressed up and went out to my company's Christmas party. I so rarely get dressed up at all anymore, and I like to go to this party every year because it's the only time I ever get to put on a cocktail dress and makeup. And high heels. I always remember the next day why I don't wear heels [heh...originally, when I typed 'heels', I accidentally typed 'hells'......indeed] more often.

I wish I'd thought to take a better picture of myself with my real camera before I left for the party, but I was running a bit behind and just didn't think of it.
I posted this on Facebook as I went out the door, and was amazed by all the comments from people telling me I looked really good. Not that I don't think I ever look good, it's just...I have a hard time seeing myself as particularly beautiful. Especially lately, when I have been feeling old(er). At any rate, the compliments gave me a nice warm glow. Still kicking myself for not getting a better picture.

The party itself was fun, since I spent the time talking with my favorite work colleagues and their spouses. Apparently the DJ's don't really know how to work an adult, corporate party, as we sustained much musical and temporal whiplash, followed by the worst dance music possible that could be chosen for the event. I'm pretty sure some of it bordered on inappropriate. Not surprisingly, the party was not as rousing an event as it usually is. Oh well. At least Travis was spared the inanity.

I always worry about what stupid things I said or did. I didn't even drink enough to catch a buzz, but I still worry that I was somehow socially inept.

Ah, well. Hopefully, I wasn't.

It started to snow as I arrived to the party, and as I left, the snow was falling in big fluffy flakes. It was romantic and beautiful, to be walking in my long party dress and high-heeled shoes, with snow falling all around, and speckling my hair and black wool wrap. It's exactly the kind of night that is perfect for walking with the one you love, holding tightly to each other, as the snow sifts silently down.

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