Friday, October 1, 2010

Reflections and Plans

I had such a fantastic time last weekend at the art retreat I attended! There's really nothing like being in the company of many other creative souls, and spending the day working, learning and sharing. This is what I wish I could do more of....although my best creative friends in the art jewelry world all live someplace other than here. :(

Travis just got back from being out of town overnight to a work-related meeting. I suspect he didn't enjoy the traveling and overnight hotel experience as much as I did, though. I wish he did; it's nice to get away for a while, even if it *is* for work. I'm trying not to feel guilty about enjoying it ; I'm very very lucky that I get to do these things at all, and I can do them because I have the support of my husband. I guess we're both lucky that neither of us travel for work like our friends do.

My next trip to going to be a longer (slightly) and much further excursion. My friend Kitty and I are traveling to upstate NY, to the Corning Museum of Glass. She's never been there, and we are both really excited about attending a few of the lectures in the Annual Glass Seminar, which is all about medieval glass and its, not at ALL up our alley, is it? ;) Anyway, I'll be gone three or four days, and truthfully, I am very much looking forward to it. Not only for the lectures and the trip to NY, but also for the serious hangout time with a good friend I haven't seen much lately, and for the chance to see some of my family and old friends. I've already planned a stop in Geneseo to visit my alma mater, and a quick trip up to Rochester to see my grandmother and some other family members. I'm hoping to reconnect with an old college friend, and also to have margaritas with a new friend. It's going to be great! I really, really miss New York sometimes.

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