Monday, October 4, 2010

End of the Harvest

The garden, which was ridiculously productive this year, is giving up its last fruits. Of course, my husband and I are terribly lazy gardeners, so I think half of the production of the garden was in spite of us, not because of us. Either way, we did get an insane amount of vegetables this year, and even now, with the 100+ degree heat over, the tomatoes and peppers are roaring abck to life for a bit.

Right now it's 49 degrees outside, so I suspect this is short-lived.

But a few days ago, this is what I gathered from our small growing area...
A basketful of green, red and yellow bell peppers, and a few green tomatoes. I was surprised by how many peppers there were, and in such great shape, but what really struck me was the colors! LOOK at those gorgeous, gorgeous reds and greens and yellows!
This deep crimson red has to be one of my most very favorite colors. It's so vibrant and feels so alive to me. My car is just about this color, and I love to wear this color.

This past Saturday, I closed out our CSA share for the year by indulging in a large bouquet of flowers from our CSA farm.
The past few days have been sunny and cooler, and with the recent rain, I am sure we will see the trees changing soon, too. Somehow, this change in seasons is always so vibrant in terms of though the summer forces out one last ostentatious show before turning off the lights and closing up shop for the winter. I love the reminder of how bright everything can be, right before the bleak days of winter.

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