Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Barn Day!

Sundays are usually 'barn days', in that Wren usually has her riding lesson in the afternoon. Since Travis has started studying photography at school, the whole family typically goes to the lesson to watch and hang out with the horses so Travis can take pictures.

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day, and I planned to ride Champ while Wren and the other little girls rode in their lesson. The ring is big enough for me to do my thing at one end (as long as I don't canter and get the ponies worked up!), and the girls ride at the other end with our trainer. Because Travis had his birthday on Saturday, my trainer asked him if he would like to ride Turkey in a lesson after the girls as a birthday gift.

Naturally, I was not going to let that pass without taking as many pictures as possible. Plus, that meant I got to try out the new camera!

Travis took a bunch of pictures for a school project, and then snapped a bunch while the girls and I rode.

Wren seems to love Candy, although she tells me she gets scared because Candy "walks fast". Uh, no. I think it's more she moves differently than Keepsake, and wants to move faster. Kathy (our trainer) told Wren that Candy was practically taking a nap! I hope Candy (who is 20 years old) will be the confidence-builder Wren needs, much like Champ is the confidence-builder *I* need.

After lessons and my ride, it was time for Travis' birthday present from Kathy. He got a lesson on Turkey!

Noah wanted to help, too, so after the ride, he got out the brush box so he could groom Turkey with Daddy. Turkey measured out at exactly 18 hands at the withers (Kathy got out the stick), so Noah looked particularly teeny next to the massive Clydesdale!

Turkey really seems to love Travis. The feeling is mutual.

All in all, it was a great day. Beautiful weather, beautiful horses, and a fun time. Just the way I like my 'barn days'.

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