Monday, October 8, 2012

Here and There and Everywhere

Once again, it's been a while since I have committed any thoughts to virtual paper. The summer was busy, and just when I thought I'd get something of a break with the kids headed back to school -- wham! A couple of BIG work projects ate entire weeks of my life. Can't complain, though, the extra hours in the paycheck were certainly nice.

I've been riding once a week since July, and really really loving it, although I feel desperate at times when I realize there is no practicing in between lessons. Wren continues to do fairly well, and even Kira has gotten into it, starting lessons with our trainer a month ago. With the increased time spent at the barn, we've really started to think about a house with land so that we could have horses at home.  I want to rescue a horse or two from the slaughter pens, but we need our own property to be able to do that, as board is expensive. We rescued all our dogs and cats, and our two guinea pigs, so why not continue into the realm of equine rescue? I can't stand the thought of good horses and ponies going to slaughter for no other reason than they are temporarily homeless.

Oh, the horses. I love them so.

Kira rides Lily!

 I haven't made hardly anything in glass in the past three or four months. Over the summer, and through September, it couldn't be helped, but now I am hoping I can wrangle some 'regular' work hours, or try to set myself a schedule so that I can torch at least once or twice a week. I made some Halloween beads for a friend....

 ...and I need to make more. I love Halloween, and there are more pumpkins to make, and some black cats, and maybe a bubbling cauldron, and some more of those awesomely cute ghosts! Maybe this week I'll get a couple of torch days.

I've started my regular touring schedule at the museum, and that is going fabulously! I love it. I really, really love it. So far, I've given tours to school groups about our Greek and Roman artwork, and a tour about Virginia history, and one about the history of jewelry to a group of jewelers. Tomorrow I am giving a tour on the art of glass to a teen group. It's so much fun! I also scored a huge stack of exhibit and permanent collection catalogs for CHEAP at the museum's book sale in September. Yay! I knocked a couple of things off my wishlist with that little shopping excursion.

I've been thinking about school, too. Originally, I thought I really wanted to go back for a master's degree in art history, or museum studies, but the thought of truly specializing in any one subject or particular area long enough to write a thesis about it just stresses me out. I love ancient Greek and Roman history, but I also love the Medieval period, the Byzantines, early Christianity....the Vikings and Celts....I love the history of religion, and material culture of everyone, and Neoclassical art, and the history of glassblowing, and jewelry and food....and what I really love is the hunt for information. I love to do research. I like to write, but I love the hunt for information more. So it occurred to me recently that I could consider library science. I've been doing quite a lot of research on it (ha!), and I've found there are MANY programs that are completely online (as well as ALA accredited). So that's where I'm thinking I might be headed. If I could find a scholarship or grant or something, it would make the decision a whole lot easier. The cost of school is what's really holding me up. And fear. Major obstacles.

We looked at a FABULOUS house this past weekend. Like, perfect for our family, has everything we want in a house, and is on ten acres of land. The price is a bit high, but the realtor thinks we could offer much less given the last price of the house a year ago. But our house is nowhere near ready to go on the market, and we could not buy without selling first. I want to stay positive about this, because we aren't really planning to move right now, but sometimes I just wonder if we'll ever get to our farm. It just seems like so much to do with so much uncertainty.

Maybe I'll trade torch time this week for cleaning up the kids' rooms and getting rid of a bunch of junk.

I should probably stop looking at available rescue horses on the internet.

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