Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today was the sixth grade awards ceremony at Kira's school. If a child is getting an award, they call the parents a few days ahead to let them know so the parents can attend the ceremony. I was shocked when Kira's teacher called me last week to let me know she had chosen Kira for the most Improved in Math award for 2010. Not because I don't think Kira should get an award, but because her teacher could only choose one student, and there was nobody else she thought was more deserving than my daughter.

Math is not a strong subject for her. She has struggled all year to achieve a B, and last nine weeks, she barely escaped with a D. This nine weeks wasn't looking so great, either, but I didn't nag her (too much). We worked as often as we could, and I pounded my head against the wall encouraged her to be, and stay, organized about her homework and note-taking notebook.

Magically, about five weeks ago, her grades started to rise.

I have no idea what happened,but all of a sudden, she was getting B+'s and A's and A+'s on her homework and even on tests and quizzes! Holy Grade-Point-Average, Batman! The grade reports coming home showed her average rising to a B, then to a B+, and then to a B+ with a 93%. She held steady there, one point away from an A in math for the last nine weeks. Then, two nights ago, her grades came in...94.3%...Houston, we have an A IN MATH!!!


I couldn't believe it. Neither could she! It was awesome.

So today, I got to sit in the auditorium of the middle school and watch as her math teacher gave her Most Improved in Math for 2010.

Sixth grade awards 010

I cried. I admit it. I was wiping away tears even before they started the ceremony.

This year was so hard. It was so different and so difficult on so very many levels -- social, emotional, academic -- and to see her get this boost was just amazing. It was like a validation of her work. I know she is happy and proud of herself, and I know she knows how very proud of her I am.

Sixth grade awards 015

I love her so much.

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